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Roothog Radio is mostly listener-supported. Currently we have a few in stream commercials but we are free to play the best country music we can find. But that means we need your support to keep us going and to help us pay for royalties, website fees, and buy new music.

We hope you find value in the music we broadcast, and that you’ll become one of our financial supporters who help us continue providing great music.

Roothog Radio current accepts only Paypal online.

Monthly Subscription

Please consider a Monthly Subscription through PayPal. Its a simple, cheap effective way to support Roothog Radio on an ongoing basis and benefits at each level.

Executive Level Subscription is our top level for showing support and the artist on RootHog Radio for only $15/month. New supporters will receive a RootHog Radio fan kit, and each month you will receive our CD of the Month. To be eligible for the CD of the Month you have to be a supporter at the Executive Level by the 20th of the month.



An effective and easy way to support RootHog Radio that won’t break the bank is a monthly subscription starting at $3. With each subscription you will received a RootHog Radio fan kit (koozie & stickers).

$10/month $7/month$5/month$3/month

One Time Donation

You can donate any amount! Your support helps keep us broadcasting and all of our bills paid. Donating $10,$20 or $50 bucks helps significantly.But you can donated any amount through PayPal.

Support at the $15 level will receive a RootHog Radio fan kit (stickers and koozie) and the current CD of the Month.

One Time – $15 Donation




Other Ways to Support RootHog Radio:

Shop at Amazon

If you shop at you can support RootHog Radio by using this link. We get a 5% commission on anything (not just music) you buy. In fact, we get a commission on everything you buy from the time you click on those links, to the time you close your browser window. Feel free to start your search here:


We rely on you for support!

If you enjoy RootHog Radio and the music we play, please support us. Just like NPR we rely on your generosity. Our goal is to broadcast our music to everyone free of charge, with a core group supporting us with monthly donations. If you can afford to support us, we appreciate it and hope we don’t let you down.

Other internet radio stations make lots of money playing 15+ minutes of annoying commercials each hour, but that is not us. We have limited commercials to 2 – 2 minute breaks and 1 – 1 minute break each hour for a total of 5 minutes each hour.  We want you there for hours on end. 

So where do your donations go? Mostly to royalties paid to, with the balance to secure new music, CD’s of the Month (buying directly from the artist), website and admin fees.

(Financial support of RootHog Radio is not tax-deductible.)

Thanks for your support,

Josh Tucker


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