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How do I get my Album/Single played on RootHog Radio?

To be played on RootHog Radio we are looking for “real country” music. We may stray now and again but we are looking for that old school Honky Tonk sound. However if you can meet the below criteria we will play you:

  • Your music is classified Texas/Red Dirt, Americana, Honky Tonk, Roots Country, or XXX music
  • We prefer full albums/EPs but will accept singles.
  • All submissions must have a majority of original songs.
  • All music must be accompanied with some form of contact info, preferably an email.

Keep in mind just sending your music will not guarantee spins on the station. Please listen to the station first to make sure your music will fit in. If you meet the above criteria then you have a good shot of getting played.

What about sending in mp3s?

We will take mp3s but prefer hard copies. Any file must come directly from the artist, management or label.

Where do I send my music?

RootHog Radio
3311 Elm St #315
Dallas, TX 75226

Email us at or

When you send your music in give us sometime to listen to it and get it uploaded or reviewed. For now I am a one man band, and have people help me write reviews off site. Once I get your music and get it uploaded I will do my best to shoot you an email.


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