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About RootHog Radio:

Roothog Radio broadcast only real country music. What is “real” country music? It is the twangy, whiny, sounds of a steel guitar and fiddle.  But unlike most radio stations that play songs that sing about twang and steel guitars, we play songs that have the twangy sound of a steel and the whine of fiddles. The other element of a great country song is the story it tells. Without songwriters telling us a great story you have nothing. Occasionally we will stray from the Honky Tonks and will mix in something different.

Based in North Texas, produced by an Arkansan ex-patriot, real country music is the lynchpin to all genres that will be played on here. You will hear Texas/Red Dirt. You will hear Americana and Alt-Country. Mostly you will hear Honky Tonk, Texas/Red Dirt and Outlaw/Progressive Country. There will also be some Mind Altering Bluegrass, Canadian Country, and Folk mixed in. And that’s how I like it.


Where are you located?

(Deep Ellum) Dallas, TX

Do we take request?

Yes. You can start your search here.

Do we accept CD/mp3 submissions?

Yes. But before sending in any music please check out the station and see if your music will fit in. I prefer MP3’s but will also take real CD’s. Please send them to:

RootHog Radio
3311 Elm St
Dallas, TX 75226


I love your music and love the station what can I do to help?

First listen to us and often. Tune us in at work, on your cell phone, where ever you normally listen to the radio.

Second click on our sponsors. As you dig around RootHogRadio.com be sure to click as many banner ads you can. You can start here:



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