Roger Creager Will Make You ‘Turn It Up’

Before Roger Creager recorded his latest single, “Turn It Up,” the Texas native admits he tried to sell the song to major labels in Nashville. However, those who remain nameless felt the song was too “outlaw for modern country.”

It’s unfortunate that labels feel that an honest and rowdy song does not have a place on modern country albums because these are the songs everyone can relate to. During the first verse of “Turn It Up” both men and women identify with the lyrics of feeling free and unique.

I get out on the open road/I let the wind blow through my soul/At the wheel I’m captain in command/I’m a rambling man I won’t be tamed/I’m a throwback to the good old days/Some call me an outlaw, maybe I am/When a Waylon song comes on in my truck/I don’t turn it down, I turn it up.

As the song breaks into the chorus Creager points out that he doesn’t care if those around him don’t approve, he’s not turning down his flare and he’s going to continue to be himself.

I get a little bit of that reckless feeling now and then/It’s a hold and it won’t let go until I give in/I can’t get enough when it comes, what I love/I don’t turn it down, I turn it up.

In just over three minutes Creager has the ability to make you want to roll down the windows and feel carefree. The song is easily an anthem for anyone with a passion. The drive behind the song is likely the reason that the song was the sixth number one in a row on the Texas Regional Radio Report and Texas Music Chart for Creager.

Creager has not released a new album since 2008, but “Turn It Up” is a big return to the charts for him. The country crooner wrote 10 of the 11 songs on the January release “Surrender,” and stand behind the new album. “I’m really proud of the production and the songs on the record,” he said in a press release.

It’s likely that the rest of the country will soon catch up to Texas with their windows down and Waylon blasting.

Goes Good With: Steve Earle, Bart Crow Band

Rating: 8/10

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