RHR Gig Posters Late April – May 2012

After the jump are some great posters that I have ran across for gigs in late April and May 2012. I think these are a dying art that too many bands have givin up on. Too often bands and venues just take the stock band photo and dump the band name and date on a poster in Sharpie and put it up. These in my opinion these are original, thoughtful and would draw my attention if I saw them hanging up or on someone’s facebook post. . It doesn’t take much, as I know a lot of the artwork isn’t original, but any band that take the time to put together a post like one of these you will be definitely rewarded when you go see them.

Click on any poster below to see the full poster.


Did I miss a poster? I know there are more and better posters out there. Email me your poster here or post a link on our Facebook page.

Now go see some music!


Wolfgang's Vault - Posters

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