Granger Smith Pays Tribute to Soldiers With “That’s What I’d Do With It”

Granger Smith via InSiteAustinGranger Smith’s latest single, “That’s What I’d Do With It” is his tribute to those who have fought for America. It was released to coincide with Granger’s 2nd Annual 100 Mile Boot Walk that not only shows gratitude to soldiers across the country, but also raises awareness for their needs. Smith is no stranger to the Texas music scene, with his first top 10 in 2008. His career stretches eight albums long with his latest album being one of the most personal yet. His latest album he wrote, produced and recorded in his home studio.

The latest single speaks from a soldier’s point of view when he returns home and tries to start life over as a civilian. Smith’s goal was to write a positive song about such an emotional subject.

From the moment Smith’s piano begins, the song nearly screams optimism. There’s just something about an upbeat piano that brings a proud and happy feeling over you. Smith breaks in with the lyrics about taking the moment and seizing it, despite what you‘ve been through in the past. The radio up, windows down/cruising the outskirts of town/this old mustang is born to fly and never quit/so that’s what I do with it/I’m thankful for days like today/summer’s breeze takes my worries away/this day’s made to live it up and breathe it in/so that’s what I’d do with it.

Perhaps the most entrancing part of the song is the first few lines of the chorus that reminds you exactly how hard it is to be a soldier away from home. I’ve been alone and afraid, I’ve seen the dark. I made it through. I’m okay, I’m better for my scars. As the song continues, Smith gets into the psyche of the soldier who is proud for his accomplishments of being labeled an “angel” or “hero.”

Smith captures what it is like to be a soldier, but these lyrics could easily relate to anyone who’s made a major accomplishment in their lifetime. In the end the lyrics are moving and touching, but this song could get lost on any major country station. It tells a story as a country song should, but from the music to the hooks and bridge, it’s not very different from everything else you hear today from artists like Toby Keith or Jason Aldean.


Random Note: Though Granger Smith‘s “That’s What I’d Do With It” is new to us, Smith admits that he wrote the album for the “Poets & Prisoners” album but felt it could get lost if just thrown on an album.

Goes Good With: Johnny Cooper, James Lann

Rating: 6/10

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