Rich OToole– Marijuana & Jalapenos


Rich O’Toole
Marijuana & Jalapenos

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Rich O’Toole compares and contrasts marijuana and jalapenos, over a rocking, Tex-Mex groove on “Marijuana & Jalapenos.” “They both make food taste better and they both drive you insane,” O’Toole truthfully points out. By prioritizing marijuana and jalapenos, O’Toole paints himself as a man that loves to live dangerously. This single is off O’Toole’s album Kiss of a Lair, and reveals the sillier side of the Houston, Texas singer/songwriter. Still in his twenties, O’Toole is from a generation where pot has become less demonized, so it probably seems completely natural to sing openly about loving the weed – even as a country singer. Even so, that never stopped Willie Nelson. On the other hand, loving jalapenos is a bit of a manly thing to do. Women may also dig jalapenos, but do you ever notice that it’s only men that brag about enjoying their taste? It’s a little like hot sauce; you won’t find many women that live by ‘the hotter, the better’ motto, but men everywhere will burn their tongues off just for bragging rights. This is an upbeat recording, with a happy dance beat. The track is colored by chugging guitar and light-fingered accordion. There is also a rocking guitar solo. “Marijuana & Jalapenos” is, if nothing else, a party song. Partying is all about getting a little crazy. It’s about doing things that alter your mind and body. Certainly, while one is legal and the other is not, both marijuana and jalapenos are physically altering materials. They may not be Julie Andrews’ favorite things, to reference a famous musical song, but for one Texas country boy, marijuana and jalapenos comprise the inhale-able and ingest-able combination he loves best.

Texas Music Times, named O’Toole’s album Seventeen the “Best Album of 2006 That No One Told You About.”

Goes good with: Texas Tornadoes and Mexican food.

Ranking: 7 out of 10.

It might not be a good idea to listen to this song while driving.


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