The Sun Still Shines On SUNDELL


Do you like Sad Daddy? What about Damn Bullets or the Good Ole Band? Maybe you had a hankering for Molaro for Illinois or Corey Cross? If you did, check out Ramblin’ Mind by Joe Sundell, who was involved with all those various groups.

Sundell apparently decided he was tired of squeezing into a tour bus (or van) with a bunch of other folks and headed out on his own. As a debut, I like it. It’s a lot more grounded than most.

The first song, How Long Must I Wait, was not my favorite. It’s a good example of why I usually start in the middle of the disc, so I don’t get turned off by the whole album at the start. By the time I heard that one, I’d already heard Freight Train and Richland Woman Blues, so I was in the palm of his hand.

Freight Train. What can I say? You gotta country album, you need a train song. If you don’t pony one up, you’re open to all kinda nasty accusations. I could hear Pete Seeger singing this one. It had a nice, clear sound to it. Richland Woman Blues made me laugh. I’m still giggling thinking of it.

If you work somewhere folks talk to (or at) you all day, then you might like Across the Ocean. It was refreshing to come across an instrumental piece which hardly anyone has the guts to put on an album these days.

From Arkansas, Sundell has done a bit of rambling in his time and he fills Ramblin’ Mind with techniques and influences he’s picked up along the way. A bit of ragtime, some folk, maybe even a bit of Texas swing hidden in there. Topped with his harmonica, like a cherry on top.

Goes good with: Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan

Random fact: Go to his website just so you can see the featured pic of him taking off his socks. You know you want to.

Rating: 7/10

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