Tejas Brothers – Rich Man CD review

Listening to Tejas Brothers’ Rich Man comes with a little spike of pain. Pain because it reminds us of the void left by the relatively recent deaths of Doug Sahm and Freddy Fender. Granted, Texas Tornados – the super group these Texas two legends once were members of – continues to carry on without them; but it’s just not quite the same. Even super groups suffer when legends pass away. Tejas Brothers describe their music as Americana/Texas country, and that’s a fairly apt summation of what they do.

“Long Way to Texas” best exemplifies this act’s high-energy sound, particularly the interplay between acoustic guitar and accordion, which truly shine together. The act also knows how to have a little fun. With “Wiggle,” they sing about a woman that just can’t stop dancing. If that’s not enough, the woman has a daughter with just as much hyperactivity. The couple finds this odd fact out when a letter arrives from school explaining how their little girl has a problem of wiggling and singing in school. Listeners may come down with an uncontrollable case of the wiggles while listening to this music because so much of this music is upbeat and light. However, this group is equally comfortable while being serious. On “The Castle,” they sing about a desire to build a strong love foundation. With its pedal steel fills and slow, blues-y groove, this song shows that Tejas Brothers do much more than just wiggle. Music that is distinctly Texan, such as the kind made by Tejas Brothers, is a true treasure. There’s just something magical that happens when traditional Mexican music meets Texas country along the Mexican-American border. Touches of that magic are found in many places on Rich Man. It almost goes without saying that you cannot truly be a musically rich person until you’ve fully experienced the sort of music Tejas Brothers create.

Tejas Brothers were once nominated for BEST LIVE ACT by Lone Star Music Awards

Goes good with: Texas Tornados, Freddy Fender, Augie Meyers

Ranking: 8 out of 10.

If this music doesn’t put a wiggle in your walk, you better get your hearing tested.

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