Featured Album of the Week – CJ Field-Modern Day Cash

Who Needs Credit With MODERN DAY CASH?

“The best new debut album I’ve seen in a long time!” That’s what folks rooting around the radio station are saying about CJ Field’s Modern Day Cash. These are current tunes with an old fashioned flair. For a nod to the Man in Black, check out the title track. Need something to sing along with? That’s gotta be Too Drunk To Sing Along. Something for the pick up? How about Ramblin’ Woman? He’s not bad looking either. Not that we notice things like that. This is the kinda Cash guaranteed to burn a hole right through your pocket!

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2 Responses to Featured Album of the Week – CJ Field-Modern Day Cash

  1. Becky says:

    It is a truly amazing and unique CD; I have a hard time listening to anything else. It’s not easy to pick favorite songs, as an avid music fan, almost everyone has a meaning for me behind the words he’s written. However, I have found myself listening to the last track on the album a bit more than others. It stopped me in my tracks 1st time I listened to; I can’t begin to explain why or how, but it gave me chills. One of the reasons I pick to like artists (which not many have) is the ability to have the different ‘tone’ setting in their voice for each style song.

  2. Johm Barrett says:

    CJ’s just a down to earth guy that loves what he’s doing. And if you ever see him live you’ll see that. He’s got that raspy/ bluesy voice that goes with the kind of music that he brings to the table. It’s refreshing to hear country music again instead of the mainstream pop/country that us so prevalent today. CJ and the boys bring the sound back to country thats been missing for far too long.

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